Monday, March 30, 2015


I had an old Yamaha on Craigslist. It was a non runner that I'd bought to part out years ago and somehow never got round to tearing apart. Over the years I've made money buying cheap old motorcycles and parting them out on E-Bay but somehow this one survived.
I put the ad up on Monday and a guy called on Friday. He showed up around 5pm and we quickly struck a deal that let me  make a few bucks over what I paid for it. Then he noticed the motorcycle license plates hanging in the wall, we agreed a price for each one and he said he'd buy them all. I think he was a bit surprised when I pulled a big stack of them out of a cupboard! We counted them - 27! That and the Yamaha put another couple of hundred dollars in the bank.
He's going to call me about the radial arm saw I have too.

A pretty good day! Then it got better when I noticed a box sitting on a shelf, when I opened it I found all my old model airplane engines. I put them on e-bay and I'm another $100 better off with 6 more yet to sell.

Today we have another "San Diego Bucket List" item to check off.
As an avid motorcyclist I have spectated at just about all known forms of motorcycle sport. Motocross has always been a favorite and I've enjoyed it from small club races to International and World Championship events in Europe and the US.

One form of motocross I haven't experienced yet is "Super Cross" which is a race on a man made track in a stadium. This is a spectacular show with lots of huge leaps and tight corners.

We are off to the San Diego Padres stadium Petco Park right in the heart of the Gaslamp District in down town San Diego. 

If you visit San Diego be aware that parking near the Gaslamp is in short supply and expensive. Much more convenient is the San Diego Trolley which goes right down to Petco and we can pick up from a stop not far from home. As seniors we can get there and back for $2.50 what a deal! The trolley will take you right down to the Mexican Border at San Ysidro if you would like to visit Tijuana sometime. Just be sure you have a passport for the trip back!

We spent 10 hours at the Super Cross! Good job we took stadium seat cushions with us. Both of us enjoyed the event and it was a unique experience in that the cheaper seats were the best ones! The expensive seats are close to the track but due to the way the track twists and turns to fit in the stadium we found it was difficult to follow the flow of the qualifying races. We later went to our assigned seats up in the "Nose Bleed" sections and we could see the entire track from up there and we could follow each rider much more easily. So it was a good day out except for the $11 beers and $10 hot dogs.

I got inspired to push forward on our plans to sell the house and dug out all the old CD's and cassette tapes to donate to Goodwill, then decided that as we are going camping this weekend and I need to get clothes sorted out and in the rig that I'd go thru my closet and throw out all the T shirts I don't wear anymore. So I ended up with another pickup truck load of stuff that won't be coming back!

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