Monday, March 2, 2015

It begins

We are happy members of the Escapees (SKP's) RV club and looking forward to when we can go full time in our Rexhall Rexaire RV.

The big SKP event is ESCAPADE which this year is in Tucson AZ. We made reservations months ago and now it's here!

We are members of Chapter 25 San Diego CA the "Shanty Shakers". Sunday February 28th was their monthly meeting. There are usually 30-40 people at a meeting. They outgrew their previous meeting place - Denny's and moved to Marie Callenders which has a bigger room. Unfortunately everyone wanted to see the new place so instead of 40 people 70 showed up and completely overwhelmed the space and staff.

Before the meeting we had e-mails from Chapter member Jon and Jeanne and John and Wendy who are arriving in Tucson the same time that we are and want to meet up and drive in together so we could all get camping spaces next to each other. No problem right? Except there were so many people we had difficulty finding each other! 

We finally hooked up. the other 2 couples are planning driving to Gila Bend Friday and departing for Tucson around 8am Saturday. Barbara has to work Friday morning so we'll leave from her office around noon and see where we get before it gets dark. We will fill up in Yuma because it's almost $1  a gallon cheaper than San Diego! If we still have an hour of daylight we'll go to Gila Bend and stay in the parking lot at Love's.

Driving in together like this is called "caravanning". A train or convoy of RV's, like a camel caravan in the desert!

In UK a caravan is something totally different. A caravan in UK would be called a Travel Trailer in the US. A trailer that gets towed behind a car or SUV. Going caravanning there would be the act of going camping in the trailer!!

One of the things I've noticed when camping is that people have their "Shingles" out to announce their names and where they are from. I've had an idea buzzing around in my head for a while for something a little different. Today was a slow day for work so I grabbed a hardboard panel I had prepared previously and with some acrylic paints and a few brushes I knocked this out for next week's Escapees Rally.
Our rig and an imaginary background
Who knows I might get a few commissions while I'm there!

Meanwhile clearing out continues:
 Barbara hard at work sorting things.

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