Monday, March 9, 2015

Big rally, Big Step

RV's of every shape and size are at Escapade

There are supposed to be close to 900 rigs here this week plus vendors and an RV Show! I got up on the roof to try and get a feel for the extent of the place! I'm impressed to say the least and people all are friendly.

We needed ice so decided to go early to Walmart which is just a couple of miles down the road and get breakfast while we were out. 

Intentions are good but we had to stop and talk before we got going. Then we wanted to get another of those "BIG STEPS" accomplished and sign up for South Dakota addresses and Texas mailing services, and we stopped by the Escapees booth on the way out. By the time we got back with the ice it was lunch time!

If you don't know about domiciles and mail forwarding, I'll put out a separate blog about it later, but briefly once you sell the house and hit the road you can choose where "Home" is. For various reasons we chose South Dakota as our Domicile and we chose to use Escapees headquarters in Livingston Texas as our mail forwarding service.

Barbara (left) signs us up for South Dakota domicile.
My wallet looks on as David and Teresa help us with the paperwork.

Later in the day we went to the "First Timers" orientation followed by the opening ceremonies and the evenings entertainment all in the big Thurber Hall on the fairgrounds.

We even managed to fit in a champagne reception for the launch of a new branch of the Escapees tree. Xcapers is aimed at younger RV'ers with kids who share our love for this lifestyle. With more and more workers being able to "Tele-commute" working on the road has become a real possibility. I hope this young energetic group flourish.

Talking of possibilities and RV's of all shapes and sizes. I have got to find the owners of this rig.
That Smart car must have some whacking big engine hidden somewhere to pull that gigantic 5'er. Never thought that would be possible.


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