Wednesday, March 11, 2015

If not Monday then it's Tuesday?

An old and entertaining friend of ours Jesse called to say he was in Tuscon. Jesse worked with me in San Diego and we are both motorcycle riders so we got on well. About 5 years ago he moved to Chicago and lately he's been teaching in El Paso. 

It's Spring Break so he's out enjoying a ride. 

We hooked up for breakfast and then he became fascinated with our RV adventure and ended up paying a daily admission to the rally to see for himself.

We had a good time showing him what the RV lifestyle is like and we ended up at the "Shanty Shakers" happy hour just 2 rigs away from ours.

Of course we stopped at the RV Show Happy Hour for free beer and cocktails on the way! (Seagrams and 7 or a Screwdriver).

John and Debbie were hosting "Taco Tuesday" for the chapter and expecting about 20 people. 42 showed up!! Luckily there was enough Pollo Asada and Carne Asada to go around and everyone brought enough side dishes to feed an army. There was even ice cream for desert.
John mans the grill

Barbara and the cream puffs

Mike (l) and John

We had so much stuff to grill that I got our little Coleman Roadtrip grill out and set it next to John's grill and between the 2 of us we soon had everyone fed.

Jesse was impressed by the friendly people, the good food and the free beer! 

Later we went out for the "Star Gazing" party but to be honest it was a bit of a bust for us as it was right next to the entrance road and the car headlights killed our night vision. We wandered off to a less populated area of the fairground and used the night sky app on the cell phone to identify the constellations that way.

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