Friday, March 13, 2015



In UK that's short for "Ta Ta For Now" which in turn means "Goodbye"

Thursday is closing ceremonies followed by......

See if you can guess.

You are a genius.

First there was the Chilli Cookoff
Marilyn of Chapter 25 photo bombs

My favorite red hot chilli

The Ham O Rama players with John of Chapter 25 on keyboards

Once we had filled up with chilli we had lunch! Followed by farewells and....

Chapter 25 does what it does best

And does most frequently

Of course all good things must come to an end and at 7pm we all went indoors.
And partied some more!!

In between all these parties we squeezed in the 1st anniversary party. We met up with the guys behind the scenes and traded cards with Gary and Sue Alexander who are on parallel tracks to ours.In fact it sounds like we are in a race to see who can hit the road first!

Nice seeing you Gary and Sue. Isn't Rvillage a great resource?

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