Saturday, March 14, 2015

The dumber you are.....

The dumber you are the faster you learn.

At least I hope that's true as I put the laptop in the overhead when we left Tuscon only to have it fly out and crash to the floor when we stopped in Casa Grande to meet some friends for lunch.

Luckily the laptop survived (or I wouldn't be posting this).

We escaped from ESCAPADE!!

After going to the departure breakfast around 7.30 this morning and having coffee and muffins with Chapter 25 we packed up the rig and hit the road.

I was expecting a traffic jam on the way out but it was really pleasant. Before you could blink we were West Bound! The plan was to get to Casa Grande and meet up with Karen and Paul who we met thru on our Christmas/New Years trip. We called them as we hit I10 around 9.30am. Our ETA in the Iron Skillet was 11.00am. A mighty brunch was had and Paul gave us a coupon for 2 for 1 meals!! What a guy.

It was great catching up with their year so far and their plans for work camping in Arkansas this summer. We may have to stop by and visit again. If not we are thinking we'll winter back in Casa Grande and catch up with them again there.

The truck stop certainly made our rig look small!!

Next was Yuma. We've been there lots in the last year and we actually bought the rig there (See previous blog). We like it because the gas is cheap compared to San Diego. This time Casa Grande was 17 cents a gallon cheaper than Yuma. It's all at least $1 a gallon cheaper than San Diego!

We eventually stopped at the "Q". Exit 166 on I8 on the west side of Yuma. A casino that lets you park for free as long as you like so long as you keep your site clean. What a deal.

We may hook up with John and Debbie again tonight. They stopped in Casa Grande to have their rig serviced. We called them when we got here (Around 4pm) but they sounded as if they were having trouble. Hopefully we can get together for the last night before we get back to reality.

At last count Barbara has 4 weeks today until retirement and I have 83 days 21 hours 51 minutes and 54 seconds......

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