Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What day is it?

I must be getting into the Full Timer mindset as I can't remember if it's Monday or Tuesday and further more I don't care!!

It must be Tuesday so I better catch up with what happened on Monday. The Rally is both a social and an educational event. All day long there are seminars on subjects from legal issues related to full timing to how to clean your rig! And there are at least 4 seminar rooms going simultaneously from 8.30 am to 4 pm. Barbara and I went to a couple that we really liked. One on how to tour Alaska in an RV and another about strange and wonderful things to see on the back roads of this country. Both were very well presented and whet our appetite for adventure.

On a more businesslike note I attended one on the legal ramifications of changing your domicile from one state to another when you hit the road and how to make that change stand up in court should your previous state decide it wants to tax you after you leave. Again an outstanding presenter who is registered to practice law in both Texas and California.

We had intended to try line dancing classes which are held in a pavilion.
Early morning line dance class
Originally scheduled for 7 am (!!!!!!) they rescheduled them to 9am but this morning that clashed with our Alaska seminar so we didn't make it. Maybe tomorrow?

Scheduling is a problem here apparently. There are things called "Happy Hours" where a group meet up at a certain time and place and everyone brings chairs, snacks, drinks etc and sit around getting happy. At 4 pm we were scheduled for a Free Margarita Happy Hour at the RV show, another one in the main pavilion for First Timers and a third at one of the Chapter members campsite for our local Chapter in San Diego "The Shanty Shakers". We couldn't make up our minds which to do. Eventually we dropped the First Timers event and stopped by for free margaritas on the way to the Shanty Shakers. (Pictures later).

This high pressure intellectual stuff was wearing us out so after we ate and went back to the main hall at 7 pm for the daily door prize drawing we decided to skip the evening entertainment in favor of an early night.

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