Friday, April 3, 2015

Photo's of my Birthday Girl

Today my lovely wife is old enough to retire.
How can that be? We only met a year or two ago didn't we?
Time really DOES fly when you are having fun.
This was close to the first time I met you we were 16
I introduced you to camping

Our honeymoon in Jersey 1971

Loving Mum with Sally


A popular choice

Biker Chic

My 2 Biker Chics

Very early motorcycle days

Cruising in Hawaii

Surfer Girl Hawaii

Barbara does NOT like small airplanes!!!

Our new  RV


Wild life

Not a happy day on the bike....

Another not so happy day on the bike

College days and our BSA

Favorite restaurant in Mexico

This one's not so bad either

Pub lunch goes down well too

Follow it up with some beer samples

Wine tasting Guadalupe Mexico

Proud Grandma



The caption says it all

Proud mother of the bride

Loving Grandma

Barbara at the Center of the World

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