Friday, May 1, 2015

Flower Power

Well the big news is that Barbara retired April 11th which gives us some extra time to play with!
I've still got 30 days to go but I work from home and provided I have an internet connection I can work from the rig.
We've been happy members of the "Escapees" RV club for over a year but most of the chapter rallies are midweek because everyone else is retired.

Well now we got to go to one of them!! 

A couple from the "Shanty Shakers" are docents at the Carlsbad Flower Fields Last year they obtained permission for the Chapter to dry camp in the overflow parking lot. It obviously went well because we all went back there this year.
The rally ran from Tuesday to Friday and between "Happy Hours" every day at 3 pm, lunches out, tractor rides thru the flower fields and dinner every night it was a full schedule.

John and Debbie were there and we spent a lot of time either in their rig talking full timing or in our rig talking full timing.
As an artist I was entranced by the flowers and took a ton of pictures for possible use in paintings. I'm going to have a tough choice deciding which to paint first!

We have been watching Wayne and Rhonda's blog lately.

 Wayne has been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis which has stopped their full time dream in it's tracks. Our thoughts, hopes and prayers are with Wayne.

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