Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Clonk.clonk who's there?

With a solid bat and a hard ball there are lots of clonks when you play Pickle Ball.

We decided to take the beginner's class in the afternoon once it warmed up a little. Daytime highs have only been in the 50's and it's been below freezing for several nights.
Kathy the instructor had all the equipment ready and showed us the basics of serving the ball, short shots and volleys then had us practice each. Finally she and another student joined Barbara and I in a game of doubles.
We really enjoyed this and before we knew it Kathy called a halt as we'd been playing for 1 1/2 hours!
Scoring and the way the serves swap from partner to partner still eludes us, but we'll pick that up as we get further into it. It's obviously popular as there were something like 12 other people playing on other courts.

While we were there our new British acquaintance Alan told us I need to be at the "Hang Out" tomorrow at 4pm for darts! They don't allow steel tipped darts, which are what I have, but  they have some loaner plastic tip ones I'll be able to use. 

Beer apparently isn't compulsory but he recommended bringing some, and snacks to last a couple of hours. 

Alan is the gentleman who is a work camper, he was saying he came to the resort for 2 weeks in October last year and didn't leave until April!! We hear this a lot and it reflects so well on the resort. He and his wife are typical of the people we've met daily here. Open friendly and enthusiastic.

Darts was fun!
Around 30 players showed up and we numbered off to get a count then selected cards to determine teams. With 5 dart boards there was plenty of room for everyone.
Ladies and Gentlemen of all ages and abilities were soon throwing darts at electronic dartboards that did all the math. The game was 501 and no doubles required to start and finish (for the real dart players this lets beginners score and play). 
Bill, Bev, Sherrie and I soon had a lead and held on to it thru the match to win 5 games to 1. But plenty of friendly banter accompanied the whole event, helped by a couple of bottles of my favorite Negra Modello beers.

Everyone had so much fun we're going to do it again on New Years Day.

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