Monday, December 29, 2014

Into the unknown

The time just flies here at Sundance 1. We had a good time at the Christmas Eve chilli/soup event and met some really nice people. Then Christmas Pot Luck was excellent too and we found the people next to us on the adjoining table were Brits too and camp hosts. More people to ask questions of.

By Saturday I was getting better at relaxing, and Barbara relaxed enough to think about exploring. 
We always start out at odds with each other. I work from home and crave company as a result. Barbara works with students all day and gets home late every evening so she wants to sleep late, read a book and chill out.
This means for the first couple of days of a trip I'm chomping at the bit to meet people and go places and I get impatient with her. She's busy avoiding doing the very things I want to do so it can be tense sometimes.

We both know that we do it and we've always been open about our feelings so we calm down and in a day or so we really get comfortable again and things are great for the rest of the trip. It's going to be so good to not have to "Go Home" one of these days and just continue being in the "Groove".

Barbara is feeling much more comfortable with the Trike/Bicycle we bought for her. Having never learned to ride a bike as a kid she didn't want to try 2 wheels so I found an almost new tricycle on Craigslist. Persuading her to ride it has been a task but now she's getting the hang of it and she seems much more relaxed. As this is a big resort she's seeing the benefit of it now.

We took the opportunity to ride over to the recreation area area and what an area it is! There is a huge field adjoining the resort dedicated to the various activities. There are about 6 top class shuffleboard courts, 6 horseshoe pits, 6 or 8 pickle ball courts and a dedicated black top RC car race track and a fenced dog walk. There is enough clear space next to these facilities to build 3 times as much again and everything is brand new, well maintained and top of the line. We are both very impressed with the whole resort.
We signed out a couple of pickle ball rackets to see if we like playing. 

While we were doing that we started talking to the nice lady behind the activity center desk. Turned out she and her husband are work campers here and love it. Her husband came over to see her and the 4 of us got on well as they had lived and worked in Maryland and DC very close to where we worked and lived. 

Sunday afternoon the courts were deserted and we could have a knock around to get the feel for the game.
Barbara played tennis in high school and I enjoyed belting a ball around at the local park when I was a kid. We had considered trying tennis again but the 2 of us are not that physically fit and the though of running around didn't appeal that much.
Pickle ball for the uninitiated is played with solid rackets and a wiffle ball on a much smaller court than tennis. It took us a few minutes to get used to the dynamics of the ball. There is much less bounce than a tennis ball and it slows down very quickly. The result is that you aren't sprinting around trying to cut the ball off to return a volley. half an hour passed quickly and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We felt so much better after the exercise and we weren't winded, aching or frustrated. They have beginner classes on Mondays. I think we're getting bitten by the bug, we're doing the afternoon session!!

Laundry and housework raised their ugly heads as they tend to do so we tried the laundry facilities. Again the place is extremely well equipped and the washers and dryers top notch. The laundry is better than the rec halls in some campgrounds we've been to. There is a lounge area with TV, magazine racks, puzzles, vending machines. The place is air-conditioned and spotlessly clean.
There is a noticeboard in there with listings of park unit for sale or rent and the prices we thought were pretty reasonable. We have the urge to find out more, we'll probably drop by the sales office and find out about owners fees, property taxes etc. before we leave as this might be somewhere we might think about should we come to a point where we would like a more permanent home base.

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