Monday, December 29, 2014

We wish you a Merry Christmas

The plan was drive to Casa Grande and stay at the Sundance 1 RV Resort. 
Originally we were going to stay at the Escapee's park in Casa Grande to see what their parks looked like ( but they don't take reservations and we wanted to be certain that we got a spot for such a busy time of year. We searched on which is a great resource if you're going to an area you've never been to before. One of the best reviews was for Sundance 1 their website looked good with lots of activities and we both liked the idea of experiencing a big organized resort type campground for the first time.
Our previous blog "Joseph Lucas Prince of Darkness" described the trials and tribulations of the trip to Casa Grande, here's the rest of the story.
When we got here we were told at the gate to park at the office and there would be a camp host who would help us get sorted out. A very friendly gentleman Glen drove up in a golf cart and together we got the paperwork taken care of and he led us over to site 692 which was a full hookup site kind of half gravel and half asphalt in an "island" between 2 of the park's roads and conveniently within short walk of the activities center. Everything was very clean and tidy and the hookups took no time at all. 
We sat back and relaxed and started reading the 2 sheets describing all the activities going on. One sheet was the calender for the month and every day was full with activities from coffee in the morning to Radio Controlled car racing!! The other was stuff that was happening this week on top of all the rest! Like chili and soup supper Christmas Eve, Pot Luck Dinner Christmas Day, New Years Eve party with a band. If we did all the activities we'd be exhausted in no time.
Just to play it safe we sat back and opened a bottle of wine!
We made out a shopping list and drove into Casa Grande to explore a little and find the grocery store for some essentials (More beer and wine)(and a few things for the Pot Luck). There seemed to be plenty of stores around and we checked a few out before we went back to the resort. 
A bike ride around the resort let us see the activities and where the shuffleboard, horse shoe, pickle ball and RC race track were. 

Pickle Ball Courts
RC Car Race Track

All were immaculately maintained and lots of them, we watched some people play pickle ball and they gladly answered our questions.
If you've never heard of pickle ball before then join the club! Turns out it's like tennis but played with a wooden paddle and a wiffle ball on a smaller court than tennis. It's a good game to get some exercise without having to run around like a teenager. It's a fast growing game in the RV world where most people are "Mature".
Apparently we can get paddles at the activity office so we may give that a go sometime.
I logged in to a website where you can post your location and it shows who else is in the park. As soon as I posted our location a message arrived that another couple were in the park and would like to meet us. Paul and Karen came over just before the Chili and Soup event and filled us in on the details of that then we joined them and some of their friends there. This is a good way to meet people and get the scoop on the local area. Thanks Paul and Karen!
Christmas Day we spent relaxing, sending Facebook messages wishing everyone Happy Christmas and sipping wine until it was time for the Pot Luck dinner. I'm not a "Buffet" kind of guy and neither is Barbara, most commercial buffet restaurants remind me of mess hall food, but when a community puts on a Pot Luck meal everyone brings their favorite dishes and the result is spectacular. Having dinner with 200 people means there are over 100 different dishes to sample! The resort provided hams and turkey, the rest was up to us. Bring your own beverage is the rule here so we made do with another bottle of wine!!

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