Thursday, December 11, 2014

There's no turning back now

My love of motorcycles goes back to 1966 when my good friend Ken let me ride his BSA Bantam and I was HOOKED!

Barbara and I have ridden pretty much ever since, although I took several years off when the kids came along. We've ridden all over Europe, the US, a little of Canada and a tiny bit of Mexico.

Most of our long term friends we met on motorcycle trips.

So what's so big that there's no going back?

I'm infamous for having piles of old motorcycles and motorcycle parts. At one point I was selling Honda parts, for older bikes, to a Honda dealer when he couldn't get them thru the Honda system!
At one point before we left Maryland I had 15 motorcycles and a 10ft x 10ft shed that was 5 FEET deep in parts.

I'm nowhere near as bad as that now. I only have 8 motorcycles and the 2 car garage is only a foot or two deep in parts.

And tonight I put out e-mails to the 4 motorcycle clubs I belong to announcing that I'm selling EVERYTHING!

That's going to be a wrench as even when I left Maryland I took 2 complete motorcycles and one project bike with me to California.

I'm even selling the saddlebags that I've had from new in 1975 and that have been on 9 or 10 different motorcycles thru the years. They are covered in Rally stickers and country flags commemorating trips we've enjoyed. It'll be like losing a leg when they go, but go they must if I'm determined to go full timing in our RV.

All I'll have left will be photographs like these:

1967 my old sidecar and old friends (that's Ken on the right)

 1968 Liege Belgium, our first ride into Europe

1982 our daughter Sally tried my new Kawasaki 

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  1. Not the saddle bags! Even i remember the saddle bags. Can't you salvage them in some artistic way?