Monday, December 22, 2014

Scratch it where it itches

In the motorcycle world it's called PMS.
When winter comes and the weather is too nasty to ride, the motorcyclists start to get restless. 
PMS or Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. 
When spring comes around and the snow melts every motorcycle owner has the bike polished, serviced and ready to go.

Being Newbies in the RV world we hadn't heard of the RV equivalent. 
Just as unpleasant and incurable as PMS, Hitch Itch strikes all year round.

Barbara and I have it bad.

We dropped our rig off in Yuma a week ago for re-upholstering of the sofa and dining chairs which have seen better times. We won't get it back until this coming Saturday and when we pick it up we'll be heading straight on to Casa Grande for Christmas and New Years.

Meanwhile we're selling stuff off and planning Yard Sales so we can get the house sold and hit the road permanently. 
It's driving us crazy. 

Everyone we invite over to pick thru some stuff wants to know the why, how, when of our adventure. We've just sent out our Christmas cards with a "News Flash" describing our plans and the fact that we'll be doing all our mailings by e-mail next year.
Last Saturday we went to the Antique Motorcycle Club Christmas Party and announced that we were having a Giant Motorcycle Yard Sale in January.

Every time  we explain it to somebody they tell us how brave/crazy/doomed we are. We'll never be able to do it, we should keep the house. Their friends did it and soon gave up.
But all the time Barbara and I are thinking "4 months to go, what else can we sell?".

Weekend trips can't scratch the itch enough to satisfy it.

They used to, but now the addiction is worse. We HATE packing up to go home. I always used to get depressed packing up the tent at the end of a motorcycle camping weekend. I once figured out that we went back to the same places each year for specific events. If we left a tent set up there we could just move back in the next time we went and I wouldn't be so depressed in the end.

Now even 1 week isn't enough. We just did a week and a half and I was depressed leaving.

We're so wound up about the Christmas trip we would leave tonight if we could.

Hitch Itch. That about sums it up. And it doesn't matter how much you scratch it it doesn't go away. It just dies down a little. Wayne and Rhonda still get it and they've been on the road for 1 1/2 years!

If there IS a cure I don't want to know what it is. 

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