Thursday, March 9, 2017

The end is near!

It's always one step forward and 2 back! A trip to the local RV store Camper Inn got the part we needed, I put it in now have move on to the next one, though I will probably leave the bathroom floor until last.

It got me first. Then Barbara caught it from me. It's highly contagious. We are both looking forward to being on the road again.

Maybe that will motivate me to get the maintenance tasks done? I made a start. I got the calendar out and wrote the tasks to be done on it so I will be reminded before April gets here. I finally changed the engine oil and filter on the rig, replaced the water filter and installed a new awning strap on one of the bedroom window awnings. Mike had a broken day/night shade in his rig so I gave him a lesson on repairing those. They are quite simple to do and I have no idea why some places charge $100 for a 15 minute job like that.

Meanwhile we've been sampling some more local events.
One went with a bang – a WW2 reenactment with real TANKS! They fired everything from handguns to the tank canons during the show. Very impressive. They had a big vendor area too where you could buy uniforms, weapons, WW2 radios and parts for your WW2 vehicles.
In the heat of battle

Time for a family picture with the victors.
Some time was spent at a Native American Pow-Wow in nearby Mount Dora. We expected great things and had filled Mike's head with stories of the one in Yuma last year. Unfortunately this one wasn't as big although the costumes were very picturesque. It was spoiled by a whole lot of pointless speeches by the various participants and a very officious organizer who insisted on walking across the dance circle during the performances to correct what he perceived to be deficiencies.
The Aztec Dancers

Great costumes

This one might get painted!
To make room in the RV when we leave here I donated the last of my motorcycle painting to the Leesburg Center for the Arts as a thank you for all the fun I've had drawing and painting there. I have a commission as a result of posting my paintings on Facebook! More later.
Some of the paintings I donated to the Leesburg Center for the Arts
I also had to do the painting for the art class at the RV Rally coming up and buy all the supplies so the new students have something to paint on. Sometimes it's hard to think up a painting that's easy for first timers but visually attractive enough for them to take a pride in their work. I get real satisfaction teaching these classes so it's worth the effort.

Mike our Australian friend had some good/bad luck with his “New” RV. He drove it down to the store and on the way back, as he turned the last corner into the park the serpentine belt snapped leaving him with no power steering! He struggled and got it back to his site then called a mobile repair place. The good luck was that they were close by finishing another job and Mike had found a spare belt in the storage bin under the rig. The repair guy was there in minutes and the belt replace shortly after. If he'd been out in the Arizona desert on a back road when it broke it might have been a much different story!

We took him to his first SKP event at the Chapter 57 monthly meeting where his Aussie accent attracted lots of attention. Lynn, Mike's wife should be arriving soon too, so we will have to drag them to the Rally the chapter is having in Bushnell. Rather than move the rig up there and pay for camping twice (we paid for a whole month here whether we stay or not) we decided to commute the 30 minutes each way each day.

My Grand Fathers army foot locker finally got removed from the trunk of the Fiesta after almost a year! We really need to empty it and decide what we're going to do with the locker itself. I'd hate to sell it rather than keep it in the family but it sounds like it's going to cost thousands to ship back to UK.

Finally we made rough plans for the rest of our time in Florida. We bought tickets for 2 Baltimore Orioles baseball spring training games near Sarasota and got a free hotel stay using the last of my many thousands of Holiday Inn Club points from when I was still working and travelling. That will feel strange, sleeping in a building!!

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