Friday, March 31, 2017

It's the end, the end I tell you....

As compensation we found out more friends Steve and Mary are in Florida, heading this way and after a quick e-mail they arrive for a few days in the park the same day everyone else is leaving!!

Me, Mary, Steve and Barbara.
Mike and Lynn called to tell us of their first week RV'ing. They've been to Cape Canaveral and the Keys and now are heading towards either New Orleans or Memphis! They sound like they are getting the hang of not planning, I'm not certain their plan to be in Canada before too long is going to leave them much time for more side trips though!
Happy Wife, Happy Life!
The taxes are finally getting done after we waited a month for AARP only to be told “Oh we can't do yours" when we showed up for the appointment. A little frustrating but I managed to find another tax preparer who could turn it around quickly, and quick they were too. A couple of days.

Barbara got a call from the Eagles about her swearing in but I didn't. Puzzled I called the contact person only to be told he'd suddenly passed away. A sad time for his family. I'll figure it out for myself.

Harold's son Don and Zach Don's son are in the park helping Harold and Wanda pack up. Unfortunately Harold's Mom who he was so worried about when his brother passed away has been admitted to the hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are for her and the whole family.

My commissioned painting of a friends car has finally got some work done on it. It's amazing what only having a week left before you move on can do for your motivation!! I sent Wayne a photo of it 95% complete and he likes it, so that's a big relief. We're going to meet them in Pensacola and hand over the painting.

Play Ball! I see a painting there somewhere.
We had a side trip to Sarasota with a free hotel stay so we could see some Spring Training Baseball. We got in 2 Baltimore Orioles games and watched them beat the Twins then the Blue Jays. A good weekend and a very picturesque beach area.

Sarasota Beach right outside our hotel.
 I was contacted by a legal firm who are starting a “Mass Action” law suit against Ford to try and recover some money for Fiesta owners with all the transmission problems. It sounded good at first as they say it won't cost the client anything because the action requires Ford to pay legal expenses. Reading the fine print (really a lawyer has fine print in the contract?). Reveals that Ford may chose to include lawyers fees in a settlement check, in which case the lawyer will collect his fees from the client, EVEN IF THAT FEE EXCEEDS THE COST OF THE SETTLEMENT!. Lawyers!

That darned Fiesta.
The week is rushing by. We decided to go to the Fun 'N Sun Fly In at Lakeland FL after leaving here. It's one of the most famous air shows in the US and so close we have to go look. I lashed out for preferred seating on the day we go because it has seats, shade, drinks nearby and on the day we are going there is something I've never seen before NIGHT FLYING DISPLAYS! Apparently the aircraft have light shows and pyrotechnics as they fly in the dark. We'll stay at the Thousand Trails Park near Orlando for a couple of nights then head up to Pensacola where we'll stay at the Elks Lodge for about a week. They have full hookups so it should work out great.

In a spare moment we made our reservations for NEXT winter! If you want particular parks it's best to get in early.

Now we have to get some papers shredded, find a shipper to take my Grandfather's trunk to Fred our son, tidy the rig, check all the tires and the air bags, put away all the chairs, mats etc outside, organize the storage bays, stow the grill, check the car and RV engine fluids, put the bikes back on the bike rack. Phew that's a LOT!

One last Leesburg Art Assoc. friday meeting before we'll be on our way.

Barbara gets sworn in at the Eagles Lodge on Saturday, and we decided to stay at Holiday Travel one extra day, which gives us an extra day to get packed up!!

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