Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Life is flashing past!

My Grand Fathers army foot locker finally got removed from the trunk of the Fiesta after almost a year! We really need to empty it and decide what we're going to do with the locker itself. I'd hate to sell it rather than keep it in the family but it sounds like it's going to cost thousands to ship back to UK.


Lynn is here from Australia at last but she picked up a nasty cold crossing the planet, Fred and Judy are back and the daily parties have started again. Harold and Wanda are back but they are kind of quiet after their sudden trip to Virginia for a funeral.

We've been getting our annual physicals, and running around getting blood work done is taking up some time. I have to go see the Dermatologist to look at some skin blemishes too.

We finally got the rear view camera installation finished using the new telescoping ladder (Which is a cool piece of equipment). Most of the previous week was taken up by the “Sungators RV Rally” in Bushnell where I taught a painting class, and now I have a commission to paint a friends car!!

Happy artists at the Sungator Rally
Apart from that we haven't done much at all!!

Not doing much at an Antique RV Show and Flea Market
April is rushing up fast, and we WILL be out of here on April 1st but it sounds like we'll be just around the corner camping at the “Eagles” Lodge because we are to initiated as members soon. I'm going in on March 28th and Barbara on April 1st. Luckily they have 10 acres (YES 10 ACRES!!) of camping in the back of the Lodge so we'll stay there for the night after Barb gets initiated and set off on our next adventure on the 2nd.

Why the Eagles? Well they are very similar to the Elks and it will give us many more resources for camping and socializing in our future travels. We're looking forward to the experience.

Not doing much at a watercolor class
All other kinds of fun things have been happening too, Al and Jackie were back in Florida for Bike Week in Daytona and they have Dave along with them, an old friend from our motorcycle days. Fred, Judy, Mike and Lynn together with Barbara and I drove down to Daytona and we all went for lunch at Destination Daytona surrounded by lots of shiny custom motorcycle. 

The expression "Like herding cats" comes to mind

Wild custom bike at "Daytona Experience"
Then down to Main Street Daytona which is the place to be during bike week, with lots of bars, stores full of motorcycle related stuff and a continuous stream of motorcycles day and night riding by for everyone's entertainment. A great day out.

The gang at the famous "Boot Hill Saloon" Main Street Daytona

Just a custom V8 powered motorcycle on Main Street
Mike had introduced us to a dice game named “Farkle” and every evening has us all sitting around the table in Fred and Judy's rig playing Farkle or a dominoes game named “Mexican Train?
It's going to be SO quiet when they have all left!

Judy and Fred and Mexican Train
Tax time has reared it's ugly head and fortunately AARP has a free tax clinic at the local library so we had an appointment set to get our returns filed. I don't remember signing up for an “Income Tax Club” at anytime so I'm wondering why we pay dues every year? We do get camping discounts at National Parks though, maybe we did sign up?? It turned out to be a bust however as AARP wouldn't do our returns because we have to file a Maryland return for the rental house and they don't allow you to do that for their free service. Now we have to find an alternative and/or file an extension.

Plans for our Europe trip need to be refined, and paying for the trip is primary! We spent some quality time at the bank and arranged for new credit cards with no foreign currency charges and auto pay so we won't have to be online all the time transferring money. We have the details for storing the rig and the car sorted out (We hope) and we'll get a cab or airport shuttle booked from the storage site to the airport once we get the rig set.

The day came when Fred, Judy, Mike and Lynn left. Sad but happy. Sad they are leaving but happy for them that they are off on their own individual adventures.

As compensation we found out more friends Steve and Mary are in Florida, heading this way, and after a quick e-mail they arrived for a few days in the park the same day everyone else is leaving!!

And the BIG NEWS!!
Our little blog passed 20,000 total views this week!!

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