Thursday, February 23, 2017

February flies by

Well these “Villages” have canned music and constant good weather too! I kept looking over my shoulder for the balloons!

February has been BUSY!! Fred and Judy are such gracious hosts that we were launched into “Happy Hours” every afternoon around 4, followed by dominoes in their rig usually until 9 or so. 

Dinners out with them, Harold and Wanda and RV shopping for Micheal ate up what little time was left and we were seriously challenged to put time aside for the normal chores and my art groups and painting. We even managed to work as volunteers on the refreshment booth at the Park's Craft Fair, which we imagined to be a small event but was actually HUGE with several large marquees being put up to hold all the vendors. A large team of volunteers supplied hot dogs, hamburgers, Italian sausages and drinks to to crowd, raising more money for the residents fund.

Fred and Judy found more of our old Goldwing friends from Maryland living close by here and we all went for lunch in Inverness at “Stumpknockers”, a fish and seafood restaurant. It was just like the old days with Pete and Dee, Diane and Bob, Fred and Judy and Barbara and I all living the good times over again. 

Then in true Goldwinger's style we stopped for Ice Cream at the Russell Stovers outlet store. We wandered the candy isles for a while before settling on ice cream. That is a very tempting place!
Judy struggling against temptation!
A dinner at Perkins with Fred, Judy and Michael was our farewell to Fred and Judy for a while. They'll be back again before we leave.

Michael meanwhile found a motorhome he liked and moved into the park with us, just down from Harold and Wanda. 

Much time and many trips saw him gathering all the things he'll need for their big trip to Canada once his wife Lynne gets here from Australia.

We forgot how lucky we were with our rig, which came almost fully equipped when we bought it. There are so many things, and if like Michael you are from overseas you can't bring stuff from home.

Shari from the Leesburg Art League brought me onto a Facebook challenge to post 1 piece of my art a day for 7 days. Picking the pieces made me have to think which I liked most.

Then Maxine from the park's fine art show, where I planned to show 10 of my pieces asked if I would like more space so I had to find frames for 4 more! I didn't sell any paintings unfortunately.

To fill in any blank spots our calendar might have, I started figure drawing class in Winter Garden about 40 minutes away once a week and we decided to join the local “Eagles” lodge, for the fellowship and the facilities (They have 3 dartboards!). Eagles is a lot like the Elks, they have lodges nationwide and some let you camp there also.
Sunset on Lake Dora
We just don't seem to have stopped lately, taking Michael shopping for RV stuff, running from one art event to another. We need to get on the road so we can relax!!! But first I have to get back to the maintenance tasks I abandoned last year. I replaced the water heater anode and flushed the water heater tank but then when I went to replace the cover the latch broke off. It's always one step forward and 2 back! A trip to the local RV store Camper Inn got the part we needed. I put it in now I have move on to the next one, though I will probably leave the bathroom floor until last.

There was some sad news amongst all the fun. Harold's brother Hank passed away suddenly. He and Wanda had to rush home and had the task of breaking the news to Harold's elderly Mom. Not a task I would want to have to do. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the whole French family.

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