Thursday, November 27, 2014

So then we just kick back and relax

Sure kick back and relax. 

Park the rig, put out the chairs and pop the top on a cold beer. Doesn't get much easier than that does it??

Oh boy.

First off there's the toad. Do you unhitch it before you get into the site or after? The answer to that is "It depends". If there is room you can drive right in so long as it's a "Pull Thru" space. If it's a back in space then you cannot, repeat CANNOT, back up with the toad on so you better unhook it before you get to the campsite. But where to unhook it? It needs to be somewhere level so the car doesn't roll off down a big steep hill when you unhook it. Somewhere that you're not blocking the access road into the campground.

So that's the toad taken care of.

Now you park and get the beer? No first you have to check the electrical pedestal is safe to use.


No, the rig has to be level to use the slide out so you have to assess if there's a slope front to back or side to side and arrange blocks under the jacks to take care of the slope. 

Danger, Danger Will Rodgers!
Here's something I learned. If there is a steep slope to your campsite park the rig so the rear wheels are at the high end. Then when you use the jacks to level the rig the rear tires don't come off the ground. Why is that important? Because the parking brake works on the rear wheels only and if you get those wheels off the ground the rig can skate down the slope on the baseplates of the jacks. (I didn't have to find this out the hard way, a friendly fellow camper wised me up)

Then get in the rig and deploy the hydraulic leveling jacks to get things level. Hopefully the blocks you put out where enough and in the right place or you will have to pull the jacks up and put more blocks out. Now you can put the slide out. And bring it back in again when you realize you got the drapes for the front window caught between the slide and the wall, OK then you put it out again. Whew.


No, now you have to get the water, sewer and electric hooked up and run the water in the rig so you get any air out and make sure there's enough flow because if there isn't you might have to replace a filter. If it's a hot day you'll be sweating by now.


Not just yet, if the campsite is dirt you'll want to put out the outdoor rugs to stop tramping the dirt into the rig, And stake them down or they'll end up in the next county when the wind blows while you are away from the campsite.


No, you'll want to get the chairs and tables out and set up so you can enjoy the fresh air. Sit the cooler with that wonderful cool beer where you can get to it.

Great! Time for that beer at last.

Not quite. You'll need to put out the awning for shade or for protection from the rain and stake that down so it doesn't join your outdoor rugs wherever they went to. And just for fun we have awning on all the windows so there's 3 more to pull out before that delicious beer.

Wait no beer yet. 

The food is in the cooler because the refrigerator wasn't cold when you left home so seeing that it got cool as you drove here you can put it in the fridge now.

Keep your hands off the beer! There's work to do.

Get inside and set the TV antenna, scan the local stations, move the antenna if needed. Check the cell phone/internet signal and if it's weak set up the phone booster or set your wireless router to pick up the free internet at the campground. Find the chargers for the phones, tablets, kindles, computer, cameras and plug them all in so they are charged when you need them and stagger out to sit in the shade and sip that oh so cool tasty beer!


You have to put the windshield shade in place and pull the drapes across so you don't have to do it tonight when it's dark.

Ready for that beer?

Just go round and open the windows first so there's a nice breeze.
That beer will taste good right after we change into our shorts and flip flops.

Wait! That's it we're setup!

Except for the tire covers if we're staying more than a couple of days.


I love RV'ing it's so easy you just drive in put out the chairs, kick back and relax with a cold beer.


  1. Other than the leveling and the electrical hook-up check (anything that might involve more driving) I'd be drinking a beer WHILE doing everything else! Or it can wait until I've at least had one!

  2. Other than the leveling and the electrical hook-up check (anything that might involve more driving) I'd be drinking a beer WHILE doing everything else! Or it can wait until I've at least had one!

  3. I'm with you a Dune! Trouble is when the wife's watching she has reservations about hubby drinking whilst waving a sewer hose around!!!
    Thanks for reading the blog