Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I painted the house.. what can I paint next?

A couple of years ago I decided to try and draw our grand daughter Kaitlynd's face from a photograph. She lives in England and we don't get to see her nearly enough. The drawing was AWFUL and I bought a book on how to draw portraits from photographs. 
I kept trying and practicing and things got a little better. Barbara found free portrait classes thru the local community college and I got to practice painting live models.
Then I stumbled across www.paintbasket.com and immediately started making major improvements. I started painting motorcycle portraits and I have my own website http://scouserl41.wix.com/brian-downing that shows some of my work.
I really enjoy drawing and painting, I love to talk about my work too so feel free to stop and talk if you see me out under the awning slapping paint on a canvas.

I painted this portrait of Bob and De with the Rexhall
Bob passed away about 4 years ago.
I gave this to De as a token of how delighted we were that she let us buy her rig.
We'll take care of it and enjoy it De.


A fabulous Harley

The Point Loma lighthouse San Diego

Blue Hibiscus


  1. wow. . .your paintings are great. As a former painter myself, I know how time consuming all that detail work is. . .what a great activity to have onboard an RV.

    You are going to love all the artists you see out in nature, set up with their easels, capturing nature's beauty. . .perhaps you can become one of them, and share it with all of us. . .

    I especially love the tribute to the former owners. . .what a wonderful thank you!

  2. Thanks Janice, glad you like my paintings, it was a durprise to me that I could paint at all! The painting of Bob and De just cried out to be done as De is such a nice lady and loved Bob so much. They both loved the RV and they will surely be riding along with us as we set off on out adventure. I'm looking forward to meeting and joining in with the artists you mention, so much to do and so much to learn!
    Thanks again BnB