Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Get out and camp darn it

After years and years of tent camping then lots of camping in our Pop Up tent that we towed behind the motorcycle the Rexhall is quite a setup. We chose it because after looking at a LOT of rigs we had a floor plan we liked, furnishings we liked, finishes we liked and a size range we liked. The Rexhall had all of those and one more thing. A PRICE we liked!! 
We started off kind of small - we took delivery of it in Palm Springs and dry camped in a casino parking lot the first night. Next day we drove it home to San Diego. We intended to go around the Salton Sea and then on to I8 which is a fairly easy road. Instead I set the GPS for home and it had us going thru twisting climbing roads thru the mountains and dropped us off on I15. WOW. And I didn't put a wheel in the dirt of hit anything coming the other way. I didn't even have a long line of cars behind me waiting to get past.

Next time out was to Potrero County Park with friends. we tried dry camping at the Viejas casino near Alpine, Lake Moreno County Park, Pio Pico Thousand Trails, Oakzanita Thousand Trails and KQ Ranch Resort. None of them more than the weekend. 
Barbara gets Veterans Day off so we decided to try longer than a weekend and spent 4 Days at Pio Pico again (well it's free!)(kinda). It was just tremendous not having to leave on Sunday and the Snowbirds were in so we got to talk to lots of people. But 4 days went by so fast. WE HAVE TO QUIT WORKING!!!

Our  "RV" for 12 years

When we were camping at Agua Caliente County Park we met Wayne and his wife Rhonda who are fulltimers and work campers. Fulltimers are people that live in their RV's rather than in a house (Called "Stick and Brick" or S&B for short). 
Work Campers are people who exchange their labor for free camping and sometimes a paycheck. By working about 20 hours a week as campground rangers etc., they can keep their expenses very low. 
Their blog is really entertaining so I decided to try one myself and to start if in the run up to our own full timing adventure.

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