Tuesday, January 27, 2015


This journey towards selling the house and going full time in the RV is full of ups and downs. It's as if emotional waves are breaking over us.

Going out in the RV for trips.
Going home when we really want to just keep going

Meeting Full Timers and hearing their experiences
Having to go to work every day

Filling in paperwork for pensions, social security, retirement
Looking at the calendar and seeing another 4 months to go

Finding a pension we didn't know about
Finding another outlay we're going to have to make every month in retirement.

Yard sales, getting rid of stuff, having friends come over and take some of your treasures so they can treasure them.
Looking at the tons of stuff still left.

Researching how to set up as residents of another state and register the vehicles there.
Looking at my motorcycles and my truck and thinking about fixing the ones that need fixing, working out how much I owe in back registrations.

Going to the dump and the recycle center and clearing another half acre of garage space
Getting quotes for painting the outside of the house so we can make it more marketable.

Thinking about the Escapees Rally we are going to in March.
Thinking about painting the inside of the house and fixing up the bathroom.

Well you get the picture.
Me? I'm getting seasick.........

Barbara and I are both kind of down at the moment. We aren't far enough along to get really excited yet we are doing things that are the foundation for our full time adventure.
People we know from our trips are encouraging us to keep going and I don't think there is anything that is going to stop us, we just have to push ahead.

So what to do?

This morning we listed all the furniture and the prices we'd like to get for them. Then we decided to list all the stuff in the back bedroom on Craigslist this week and to have another yard sale for household stuff in February.

I decided that a CD with every "On the Road" "Leaving Home" song I could think of would be kind of cool to be playing in the rig as we pull away from the house for the last time.

What kind of songs?

On the road again
Leaving on a jet plane
Early morning rain
Get your kicks on route 66
Hit the road Jack
This land is my land
Long and winding road
King of the road
Goodbye yellow brick road
Country roads
I'll follow the sun
Band on the run
Midnight train to Georgia
See you later alligator
I get around
Rocky mountain high
Travelling man
American pie
Tumbling tumbleweed
Happy trails to you
Magic bus

Oh the lists goes on and on!
Any suggestions?



  1. Keep up the good work, it will pay off in the long run!
    We're just beginning the journey toward our FT life. We hope to be on the road in June 2016. Feel free to look at my blog too sometime. www.rnrontheroad.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks Rene, enjoyed your blog! Keep plugging away at your dream and we'll see you out there on the road somewhere.