Thursday, January 29, 2015

Put that on the list

As we have aged our memories have become shorter. After getting first upset by it, we moved to laughing about it and now we're in to doing something about it!

Barbara used to laugh about me wanting to make lists all the time. Now she's making them for herself.

What kind of lists do we have?

Lists of questions.
When we go to see the accountant, retirement specialist, Medicare supplement salesperson etc., we make a list over the previous couple of weeks of the things we want to ask. If we don't do that we end up getting home and kicking ourselves because we forgot to ask something.

Lists of jobs
Working on the car, truck, motorcycle, RV or house I keep a list of things that need doing so when I finally get off my lazy behind to do something I get ALL the jobs done at once. This also lets me shop ONCE at the hardware/auto parts store.

Lists of objects
Selling all our household items in yard sales etc. is part of our full time RV plans. We list all the stuff we will be putting in the next one with prices we'd like to get. That helps in a couple of ways. We don't forget to put things out, we don't put out stuff we didn't mean to and either of us can grab the list when somebody asks "how much?"

List of appointments.
OK so that is on the calendar but it's a list too. Lets us plan our week and month and we can ensure that new appointments don't clash with existing ones

List of places
We keep a list of places we'd like to see. If we watch TV and something looks nice it goes on the list with the town and state its in. There's a list of places to stay in the RV based on recommendations from other RV'ers.

List of meals
We sit and plan the week's menus on Sunday before we shop so we can shop effectively and not make impulse purchases of stuff we never use. Saves wastage, conserves storage space and speeds up shopping plus helps the budget

List of food.
We have a freezer out in the garage. We found that when preparing menus we'd forget what we had in the freezer and end up buying stuff we already had. Now we have the list of stuff that's in the freezer with us when we plan the menus.

List of people
Barbara keeps a list of everyone we send Christmas cards to and I keep a mailing list that prints out on mailing labels. If you don't send us a card for 3 years, sorry you drop off the list! If you send us a card for the first time you get added to the list. If you change your address and don't tell us? When the card comes back as "not at this address" we'll try and contact you by e-mail or telephone but if we can't get an updated address - you're off the list.

Bucket Lists
We have a couple of bucket lists. we've moved around the world a couple of times and when we meet people who have been to places we've lived they'll say how much they liked this museum or that park. Often they are places we never went to when we lived there!
We started a bucket list of things to do and see before we leave San Diego. Galleries, shows, resorts and campgrounds. It feels good to cross one off now and then. This weekend will see us going to several Art Galleries and Museums instead of watching the Super Bowl. They should be nice and quiet.
We have a life bucket list also, which has such things as Attend a Formula 1 Grand Prix (both of us want that), watch Super Cross motorcycle racing (me), go to a ballet performance (Barbara), see the Tank Museum in Bovington England (me). We have tickets for this year's US Grand Prix in Austin TX and next months Super Cross in San Diego followed a week later by tickets to the Russian State Ballet performance in San Diego (What a contrast! motocross and ballet on consecutive weekends).

I'm sure there are some lists I've forgotten about.
Maybe I need a list of where my lists are?
I must add that to my list of things to do.


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