Saturday, July 30, 2016


No that's not Ice-capades! It's a big RV Rally organized by the Escapees RV Club. Last year it was in Tucson AZ, this year its in Essex Junction VT. 

Last year's blog post sums it up pretty well, this year I volunteered to teach a painting class in the craft area.
Barbara did a great job of taking pictures during the class, thanks Sweetie!

I took the rest of the pictures which ended up being of bunches of Happy Hours (parties) either at the RV Dealer's area or back at the “Shanty Shakers” spot.

Dinners out at the Elks Lodge or the Grand Buffet across the road from the rally broke the monotony of snacking, drinking, having fun and swapping travel stories!

Some fellow Shanty Shakers Marty and Peggy, told us about another smaller RV Rally in Maine in a couple of weeks and we make reservations for it. It's called “Lobster Fest” so we have high expectations!

It was certainly nice to catch up with our San Diego based RV friends, they all like to travel and have fun too.

We managed to fit in some driving around Stowe and Smugglers Notch, favorite places from previous family vacations. Lots of narrow twisty roads and picturesque Vermont style houses and farms.

We seem to have been at the rally for weeks but now it's time too move on. We're heading further north and east towards Maine and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. I can hardly wait!

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