Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The infamous Xmas Letter!

Xmas Letter 2016

Wow! Where do we start with this letter?

Our big adventure started last year in July so this is the first complete year we have spent on the road in our RV.
We started the year in Arizona, went to San Diego then slowly wandered east across Texas and north until we crossed into Canada to visit Barbara's cousins in Ontario, who had a family reunion going just west of Niagara Falls. 

Stopping in Maryland along the way we caught up with our son Fred and his wife Cori plus lots of friends and neighbors. Happily our daughter flew in for a week too but left the kids behind so we didn't get to hug and spoil them.

After we celebrated Canada Day (July 1st) in Ontario followed by July 4th. we headed over to Ottawa to meet up with another cousin Alan and his wife Mary. I could listen to Mary talk all year. She was raised in Jamaica and that lilting island accent she has fascinates me.

We had a disappointing visit to Montreal which started us south to Vermont earlier than we had planned, but got us to Burlington and the big RV Rally we had signed up for. All our RV friends from San Diego were there and we had a great time.

We made a last minute decision and moved on to Maine. We made another Rally there based on lobsters and also the Lobster Fest in Rockland before moving across the border again into New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to explore Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton.

That was as North and as East as our adventure has taken us, so we headed South again meeting Barbara's Brother Stuart and his wife Linda in New Hampshire for the autumn “Leaf Peeping” trip in the mountains.

Our intentions were to slowly drive south keeping the turning leaves around us, except it got cold and we made a hasty trip south to Florida and the most southerly point of our trip -Key West.
Which leaves us in Leesburg Florida for the winter. We intend to be here until April so we can get some Baseball Spring Training games in, then we plan on a couple of months in Europe catching up with friends and relatives there and visiting some countries we haven't seen before (Spain and Portugal for just two).

It's been a fun and exciting year that has just flown by. We've traveled 11,000 miles in the RV, 9,000 miles in the Fiesta, been in 3 different countries, and too many states to recall.

If you want the full story our blog is and if you look on the right side of that screen there is a column that shows months and years, you can click on any of those to go “Back in Time” on the blog.

We wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year.
Best Wishes
Brian and Barbara


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