Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December in Leesburg

That should keep us busy for a while!

Getting into the “Stationary” mode is easier having done it last winter in Arizona, and having our friends Harold and Wanda right here makes it twice as easy. We've been out twice in their boat exploring the lakes and canals along with their friends Charlie and Dot who are from Cumberland Maryland. Charlie was a motorcycle enthusiast in the days of Triumphs and BSA's so we get along immediately. Dot and Barbara fit in well too so our circle of friends has grown already.

We signed up for line dancing classes and after an early struggle we got back into it. The class here is a bit more challenging than the one in Sundance but we should make progress if we stick to it.

Line Dance Class
Barbara has joined a “Stitch Craft” group. She has decided to knit sweaters for our Grand kids Kaitlynd and Niail and likes the idea of knitting in company with like minded people.

There doesn't appear to be an art group here. There are “Zentanglers”, which is kind of a geometric pattern kind of drawing that so far hasn't drawn me in. In February a Canadian artist runs classes in the park but there's nothing else, so I jumped in with both feet and started to sound out interest in forming an informal Art group with the intent of meeting once a week and drawing or painting, visiting galleries etc. We'll see. If that doesn't work maybe I'll try and start a photography group?

Calling all artists
Meantime I've got the easel out and I've begun another series of flower paintings. Everyone seems to like what I've done so far. They don't take up much room and I like to give them away as little “thank you” gifts. I ran out of them a couple of months ago so I need to replenish my supply. I find it much easier to work on six or so small paintings at once. I draw them all out at once then paint the backgounds and let them all dry. All the leaves and stems are next and finally the complete flower, getting into a flow. Very satisfying.

We're also talking about trying Pickleball again. It's a little like tennis but with a solid wood raquet and a wiffle ball it is slower for us seniors! We tried briefly last year and we bought the raquets and balls but Barbara did something to her knee and we stopped playing. More on that after we try it.

Locally there are several “Flea Markets” “Farmers Markets” “Swap Meets” etc which might not tempt us to buy anything but at least provide an excuse for a lot of walking! Harold, Wanda, Charlie and Dot like to do the weekly Monday one that provides 3 hours of walking and lunch. I've started tagging along with them just for the exercise. What with line dancing and riding our bicycles everywhere we should at least be fitter soon!

Christmas at the Flea Market
Anything you need is here.
We did the park's “Christmas Concert” a couple off nights ago. I've been told that if you can't say anything good about something then don't say anything! Everyone in it was a volunteer so bravo for trying.

Like Sundance last year there seems to be a dance most Friday's and there are events scheduled for Christmas and New Years that we'll be joining in. All in all a busy time and we keep meeting more and more people and forgetting more and more names! When January comes around there will be flood of people coming in so this is a good time to get our feet wet before the rush.

If we don't talk to you before the Holidays have a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

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