Saturday, August 20, 2016

The New Brunswick Coast

So much energy that we extended our stay an extra night to let us digest all the LOBSTAH.

The seafood theme continues
We're heading north again across the border and into New Brunswick Canada. We've heard so much about Prince Edward Island (PEI) from fellow travelers that I at least feel, compelled to go see what is so special about it. We also have friends that we haven't see in almost 30 years, they left San Diego and moved to New Brunswick at about the same time that we left San Diego to go to the Baltimore area. Lots of catching up to do.

Our first night was in Oak Bay, an OK park just off the highway, then on to St John where the campground is almost in the center of town in the public park. As we drove in to register a flock of RV's all wearing a distinctive yellow sticker and a number arrived. They were a “Caravan”. A group that has a Wagon Master to guide them and sort out difficulties. They all stay in the same park every night but travel at their own pace. Kind of a bus tour by RV. I'm not sure either of us would like that. We enjoy the challenge of finding our own way.

A challenge presented itself immediately. As I returned to the rig from the park office I saw a puddle of anti freeze on the ground and more pouring out from under the front right side. We drove to our allocated spot and set up. I pulled out a mat I keep for crawling under the rig for inspections, oil changes and small maintenance that I can do myself. The antifreeze was pouring out at the bottom connection to the radiator. Bottom hose maybe? The hoses are 17 years old in all likelihood, and after the vacuum hose failure in Vermont I strongly suspect it's time to replace as many as we can.

Too big a job for me to do in a campground. I looked on the camp map, they usually have a local RV place advertised on there somewhere. Sure enough they did, and a phone call had them recommend the local Ford dealer in St John-  Downey Ford. Yes they could get us in the next day at 8.30 am.

St John Harbor Light Downtown
We went off and explored the Fundy Trail, a scenic route that opened out eyes to how much wilderness there was here. Miles and miles of forest interspersed with little villages made up of Victorian Era farm houses and the inevitable wooden church. So picturesque.
A hundred wooden churches

Acres of Victorian gingerbread
The REAL Light House
Glimpses of the rugged coastline along the way, little towns and fishing villages. We stopped at St Martin and I took a hundred pictures of the lighthouse, the old stores, the fishing boats, covered bridges, lobster pots. I have a whole slew of painting to do now! I must stop somewhere for a couple of weeks and make sketches, start some new work.

The Village of St Martins

The tourist Light House

2 Covered Bridges

St Martin is a small town with outstanding character.
I'm laughing at myself writing this. I've come over all literary! 

At the Lobster Fest Rally there was a table full of books. It's an Escapees tradition. Borrow a book, donate a book. We did both. One book was there every day. “Grapes of Wrath”. 

Of course I'd seen the movie but being educated in the UK it wasn't required reading for me. After a day or two I decided that I ought to read it and picked it up. I devoured that book, became an Okie for the few days it took me to read and I wanted more. I searched the online library we use and the only other Steinbeck novel that was immediately available was “Travels with Charlie”.

Who knew Steinbeck was an RV'er! He traveled for 3 months in a truck camper with his dog (Charlie) in 1961. He even traveled the same areas that we are traveling! His descriptions of the area before Interstates and before the tremendous environmental cleanup are riveting. So excuse me if I wax eloquent occasionally.

I have to go see more places and meet more people, the fire has been rekindled! 

I don't think I'll name the rig after Don Quixote's horse though. That's a bit over the top for me.

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  1. Love the lighthouses and old cottages. Good painting subjects for you.