Saturday, August 6, 2016

New Hampshire

We seem to have been at the rally for weeks but now it's time to move on. We're heading further north and east towards Maine and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. I can hardly wait!

Being that we are going North and East it's only natural (for us) to go South and West first! Barbara mentioned that in all the vacations we'd had in Vermont we'd never been to the southern end of the state. Bennington and Brattleboro here we come!

It was a little tiring getting behind the wheel the first day, I'm out of practice after a week sitting still! The rig didn't see to like it either, with an erratic idle every time we stopped at a light, making me shift it to neutral every time.

Maintenance time! I just changed the oil and filter myself but I've never changed the fuel filter. I don't even know where it is! Some research online indicates a special tool is required to change it. We have an appointment at Brattleboro Ford which is conveniently 3 miles from the campground Hidden Acres RV Park. 

Meanwhile we explored Brattleboro and Middleton, both picturesque towns with nice Victorian age buildings.

Vermont seems to be full of churches! I swear there must be more per head of population than anywhere we've been to. On some small streets in very small towns there can be 4 churches! Luckily they are all well kept and varied in design.

Brattleboro Ford got the work done in a day, the problem turned out to be a rotted vacuum hose which had the idle all over the place. I had them replace the fuel filter too which I have no clue as to when it was last changed. Parts cost $30. Labor?? Lets say there was no change from $300!! Still if they lasts another 17 years like the last parts did we'll be happy, and to be honest with me changing the oil and filters and doing my own chassis lube, this rig has cost us almost nothing in maintenance for the last 2 years.

On completion we spent a happy evening at the Eks Lodge, and camped next to the “Carriage House” there. 

The Carriage House at Brattleboro Elks Lodge
All very upper class, especially as the Lodge, which is BIG, was once a private house. 

But still it's on to New Hampshire. Breaking our own guidelines we drove 120 miles of Interstate before heading east to the White Mountains for a 3 night stop in a commercial campground in a pretty little town called Twin Mountain that seems to consist of a few houses, about 12 Hotels/Motels and 3 campgrounds! We're at Tarry Ho campground and it's a really nice spot on a river with excellent facilities, including a pool, for about $30 a night.

Two days touring the White Mountain put us back in our Full Timer mood and we searched the area for a campground for when we return here at the beginning of October to meet Barbara's brother Stuart and his wife Linda. They are coming over from UK on a fly/drive vacation to see the fall leaves. We found a nice one near Lincoln called Lost River Campground. It has a brand new section away from the main campground that looks like it will be really nice.

The Lodge at North Conway NH
 A trip up the Mt Washington Auto Road was great too with almost perfect weather and amazing views.

The Summit of Mount Washington
The Cog Railway

The "Photo Op" at the summit

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