Monday, October 12, 2015


It’s a Brit thing. And no photography allowed in there either.

We’ve been watching the temperatures in Texas as we headed south. 90’s every day. Our friends Scott and Suzanne left Texas because it was too hot and humid.

Humid it is, Hot it’s not. 101% humidity equals rain, and it’s rained for the last 3 days. The temperature hasn’t been above 70. Lubbock!

After 4 nights we decided we’d had enough of Lubbock. San Angelo was halfway to Austin and had some interesting stuff like a railroad museum and several breweries. Having weighed the cultural advantages of San Angelo we hit the road

The RV Park in San Angelo was on a nice Lake and so quiet, such a change from the train whistles in Lubbock. 

We had a few thunderstorms but only at night, which let us wander the old downtown area of San Angelo in pleasant conditions. 

We went into a really cool store that was more like a Hollywood movie set than a store. 

Fort Concho was good too and to cap it all there were 2 nice brew pubs.

3 days and we moved on again, we had reservations at a timeshare resort near Austin.  (See for a timeshare lecture!).

We had points with RCI we hadn’t used and wouldn’t be able to use after we stopped our current membership, so we found a resort near Austin and got a week there. 
Our plan is to empty the fridge and freezer in the RV, defrost them and clean them out. Catch up on some maintenance in the rig, launder everything while we use the resort’s beds, bedding, kitchen etc., etc., then set off in the rig again for several more months.

The resort is called “The Shores at Lake Travis” being a timeshare it isn’t on the shores of anything! It’s a fairly strenuous (For us old farts) walk up and down a steep path. And the place is pretty run down too but they have room for the RV, will accept our mail and they are fairly close to Austin.

The resort is in the “Texas Hills” very pretty country with tight winding roads. It’s a famous deer hunting area and it’s easy to see why. It’s overrun with them, they will almost feed out of your hand here. Bucks that would look good on the wall on the east coast are commonplace.

We took a side trip to Fredericksburg TX. LBJ’s family ranch in Johnson TX is now a national historic site and you pass thru there on the way. Fredericksburg itself was a German community in the 1800’s and retains its heritage. Being October when we visit October Fest is in full swing with arts and music everywhere.

We visited the Museum of the War in the Pacific. Why is it here and not somewhere like San Diego? Well Chester Nimitz the Naval Commander in the Pacific was born in Fredericksburg. 

This is a VERY impressive museum. It doesn’t look big on the outside but there is a sign at the desk saying it can take 3 ½ hours to walk around the exhibits, and it really can! Luckily the tickets are good for 48 hours so you can come back to finish it.

Naturally we tried some Jaeger Schnitzel and German beer while we were there, but we didn’t see 10% of the things we wanted t see. We’ll be back again and then we’ll camp in the town and not near Austin which is a 90 minute drive each way.

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