Sunday, October 4, 2015

Santa Fe and Roswell

Waiting for Scott and Suzanne near the Railyards Plaza we got into conversation with Mike who was fascinated by our full time adventure and another half hour flew by.

We ate too much and walked too little this week thanks to finding lots of new friends. But we did find some nice places to eat.

We found some nice parts of Santa Fe like Canyon Road which is a quaint area of adobe buildings, art/craft stores and restaurants. El Farol Spanish restaurant was our favorite and that’s where we had lunch with Ed and Joan.

Another neat place about 30 or so miles south of town on Rt 14 is Madrid. For our European readers this isn’t pronounced the way it is over there. If you ever saw the movie Wild Hogs with Tim Allen you may have heard them pronounce it MAD-DRID. And by no coincidence: this is the little town (More a village) where they filmed part of the movie. Maggie’s diner is a real place, accept it’s not a dinner but a souvenir store that sells ridiculously overpriced T shirts. Or at least attempts to sell them. Everyone that went in while we were there came out without buying anything.

Everyone also said “I thought it was a diner”. To me the market would be for a diner, but maybe the owners know better? We liked the Historic Mine Tavern best!

And after 6 days here it was time to move on, we have to be near Austin for October 9th as we’ve decided to use up our last week of timeshare at a resort there, which will give us time to clean out the rig, defrost the fridge and live in a building for a week!

Passing thru Southern New Mexico one place stands out and draws you like a moth to a flame: Roswell.

I don’t know what I expected of this place. In my mind was a little cowboy town with a dirt street and aliens on the corner. So finding quite a large city with some interesting history apart from UFO’s was a pleasant surprise.
We did go and visit the UFO Museum however!!

The Roswell Elks Lodge is neat, you should visit if you pass thru here. Excellent RV facilities, and dinners Monday thru Saturday that are superb! They have their own swimming pool too and a casino! We happily got some darts practice in, as they have a room with 2 pool tables and 2 dart boards.

The Roswell Elks recommended the Carlsbad Elks for a stop to see the Cavern and we gladly followed their advice. Another great Lodge with it’s own casino. We arrived on Karaoke night, which didn’t sound too attractive. It wasn’t bad at all. Most of the performers were regulars apparently and did some good Country songs. We aren’t Country fans but we like Willie Nelson and his songs featured prominently so we were happy.

Carlsbad Caverns are well worth a visit, we chose to ride the elevator both way and it was still a 1 ½ hr walk around the main cave.

We had a “No Plan” thing going lately. We don’t decide where we’re going to be the next day until just before we go to bed. Makes things a surprise! We look for somewhere within about 150 miles of where we are. Next stop? 

Let’s look at the road atlas.

Lubbock Texas. Home of Buddy Holly, heck we can’t miss that LET’S GO.

First a tour of the Texas Air Museum. We got there early and were the only people there. The crew of volunteers came in and introduced themselves and we got a 1 on 1 personal tour of EVERYTHING. In and out of the planes, details of who donated what, how they traded this for that. I was so fascinated I forgot to take any pictures! 

After that the Buddy Holly Center was a bit of a letdown. The displays were virtually unreadable to our old eyes. Not much of a tribute to such a huge and short lived talent.

For my British readers the one weird exhibit was one of Buddy’s guitars. After his performance on the London Palladium he gave the guitar to DES O’CONNER. You Yanks won’t know what we’re talking about, but people of our age in UK will say “Get out of here DES O’CONNER!” It’s a Brit thing. And no photography allowed  in there either.

I checked how many miles we've traveled so far. My feeling was about 2500. WRONG we had 4005 miles when we left Roswell. We're having too much fun!!

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