Sunday, June 21, 2015

What a thrill

We expected the open house to be next weekend but the realtor asked if he could have an impromptu one THIS Saturday.
We were out camping and the house was ready so we told him to go for it. 

He had it from 12 - 4 pm and messaged us that it was "Wildly successful and he expected offers soon.
At 4.30 pm he messaged us that he had an offer $10K over our listed price, all cash, close in 10 days.
Oh my! We could be out of here by the end of June!
we are going to meet with him Monday to discuss things.

Of course the RV bathroom needed fixing but by careful measuring I managed to transport the wood back to the house where I used the BIG power tools to cut it to approximate size and make things easier when we get back too the rig. The right tools make things so easy. I'll miss that.

The toilet was sinking into the floor.

Here's why.

Cleaned up the hole

\That's the demolition done!

Meanwhile we have a dinner invitation from our neighbors Don and Joan. Thanks Guys! 

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