Friday, June 19, 2015

And they are off!

Let the adventure begin.
We’ve finally knocked the house into shape and now it’s about to get listed for $399,500. A little lower than we’d planned but this realtor likes to get it appraised first and list it at appraised value. As long as it sells we’ll be happy.

We’ve actually moved into the RV so we don’t have to keep cleaning up and hiding stuff daily, this way we can be our usual clutterbug selves . We’re using our 30 nights a year free camping with Thousand Trails and staying at Pio Pico which is about 25 minutes from the house. We are going by the house daily as we finish off little things we missed. Yesterdays task was refinishing the kitchen countertop. Which although I say it myself looks pretty darned good!

We have made arrangements to stay at a County Park Lake Moreno for 4 nights. After there, we plan to dry camp at our favorite casino Viejas for the July 4th weekend and then move back to another Thousand Trails park north of here for a couple more weeks while hopefully the house sells. We can commute from there while we empty the last few things out or even camp in the drive if we need to.

After that it will be the BIG ONE and we can head for South Dakota.

That is the good, there has also been some bad. Our friend Wayne has been struggling with pulmonary fibrosis. 

His struggle ended. It was a big shock for Barbara and I even though we only met Wayne and Rhonda  a couple of times we felt very close to them . I think it was because they were the first actual active full timers we’d spent time with. May your journey continue on the other side Wayne. Our prayers are with Rhonda.

On a different note our toilet in the rig has been sinking into the floor! A while back it started to lean a tiny amount, then it leaned more and now it’s sinking. I’m guessing a water leak has rotted the floor under the carpet. I bought enough material when I did the floor in the house to do the rig floor too so my next job is to tear out the carpet and see how bad the damage is. Stay tuned.

This page of the blog is being written at 3am. in the rig on my computer with no internet connection so we’ll see how saving it as a word document and cutting and pasting it to Google works when we get a decent signal!
It worked!

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