Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Washington State.

Next stop? Washington.

How do you pronounce THAT? I've always been attracted to PALLY-UP, but that's not how it's pronounced, POOYALOOP? PIE-A-Lup? POI-YAHLUP?
L-R Nancy, Steve, Barbra, Brian, Jim, Lani
I still don't know, but I do know that we've had a lot of fun there. Having friends here has helped. Jim, Lani, Nancy and Steve live here during the summer and winter in Sundance 1, which is where we know them from.
Steyr. Steve has driven a lot of the cars in the museum.
Steve and Nancy are docents at the Lemay Family Auto Museum nearby so we got a personal guided tour of EVERYTHING from the exhibits to the restoration side and I even got a peek into the motorcycle building which isn't normally part of the tour. Apparently the original collection all belonging to one man Henry Lemay was given the Guinness Book of Records award for the largest private collection of cars with over 3000 in the collection. Steve tells us that they didn't count all the cars either!! Now it's split into 2 with one part still held by the family an entirely separate one down the road, which is now called the Lemay American Car Museum.
From ancient to modern in the Lemay Family Collection
We all went to the local Brew Pub afterwards for a late lunch then arranged to have Steak Dinner at the Lodge on Friday and their Breakfast Buffet on Sunday. We aren't going to lose any weight here!
Yes a time travelling bathroom!
Nancy mentioned a local store called “British Bites” who had a tea room with a grocery section so guess where we went next! We bought our usual selection, British Bangers, Bacon, pies and a few candies for Barbara. We were both fascinated by the bathroom doors which were a British phone booth and for the Doctor Who fans a British Police phone box that in the Sci Fi TV series Doctor Who is actually his time machine called a TARDIS. And if you know what the TARDIS is then YES the bathroom was bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside.
British Bites has it's shelves emptied.
If you don't know what the heck we are talking about then do some research!.
Port Townsend Fairground for the rally
Our reason for coming to Washington was to attend an Escapees RV Rally. A special one too as Chapter 5 are celebrating their 35th anniversary. We found out about it in March at Escapades in Tucson.
A hungry Chapter 5 crew for the anniversary luncheon.
And what a great rally it was! Held at the Port Townsend fairgrounds. Hugely friendly people who never seemed to stop. Outdoor games every day, Happy Hour at 4pm, and catered lunch to make the anniversary special then a super Pot Luck Dinner followed by Bingo the final evening. I think it will take us a week to recover! And we joined the chapter while we were there. Thanks Chapter 5!
Even a lighthouse.
We moved on to the Port Townsend Elks Lodge campground while we explored the area some more, catch up on laundry, shopping etc. This is a very pretty area and we have had so much fun exploring it. I wonder what adventures await us at our next stop?

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