Thursday, September 21, 2017

So what IS normal?

If this is normal then I suppose we have returned to it?

SKP Rainbow Plantation Park
All the excitement seems to be dying down, we're in the rig and have escaped the last hurricane (although there are several more forming out there). Our friends from Florida are headed back and hopefully they will find minor damage and have power when they get home. 
The Chapter 57 crew at dinner.
We have had the bigger maintenance jobs done (Bathroom rehab, roof reseal, transmission service, awning spring replacement) and the list of to-do's is small (Wash and wax the rig, flush the fresh water tank, buy some more outdoor chairs, waterproof the main awning).

Although the weather has returned to hot and humid, we've set up more stuff like outdoor mats, the grill, chairs and sundry other items we normally don't get out for just a day or so. 

We've extended our stay here at the SKP Rainbow Plantation for another week and we're trying to force ourselves back into our Fulltimer's mode (Kick back, relax, try not to fidget!). It's not easy to do after such and active summer and the rush to beat Irma.

I will have to make myself get out my sketch book and start drawing again, it helps me calm down. Barbara likes to read and as usual this SKP park has a great library. If you like a book take it, drop off any books you don't need anymore. Simple and effective.

It's also time to think about our next move. We've only ever driven thru Alabama along the Gulf Coast, further North there are historical cities and the shadows of the discrimination and bigotry of years past. Montgomery.

Huntsville has the US Space and Rocketry Museum which documents the birth of the US Space Program and hides the importation of the German rocket scientists after the defeat of Nazi Germany. 

So that might be somewhere worth exploring. Some cooler temperatures might appeal too so perhaps it's time to let the weather channel dictate our direction for a while? It's such fun to dream about the next month or so. Would fall leaves be nice again? Last year we chickened out when the evenings got cold and ran down the East Coast in no time trying to get warm again! Tennessee might be nice for some "Leaf Peeping".

The White Mountains, New Hampshire last year.
Sit back, close our eyes, where would we like the wind to blow us?

Life is good.

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